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Dry Horizontal Shell And Tube Condenser Stainless Steel For Water Cooled Unit

  • China
  • WH
  • ISO9001:2008
  • 1pc
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  • Wooden
  • 15 working days
  • L/C, T/T, Western Union
  • 100/pcs per month
Product Name: Dry Shell And Tube Heat Exchanger Is-customized: Yes
Structure: Tube Heat Exchanger Warranty: 12 Month
Weight: 5~500Kg Outer Shell: Stainless Steel

Product Description


Shell tube type water cooled evaporator is suitable for water cooled unit, water source heat pump, air cooled pump and air cooled heat pump unit. The product is applying for refrigerants of R22, R134a, R407C and R410A etc. The referigerating medium is for tap water, underground water, river water and sea water or brine, water and glycol solution, sulfate solution, etc. For heat exchange tube, copper pipe, copper nickel alloy tube, aluminum brass tube, stainless steel tube, etc. The shell raw material mainly are seamless steel tube, stainless steel pipe.

1, Heat exchange tube: four main tube type.

(1) ∅ within 3/8 "thread copper coil, it is mainly used for" U "type tube evaporator.

(2) ∅ within 1/2 "threaded straight copper tube, straight tube is mainly used for dry-type evaporator.

(3) ∅ 1/2 "corrugated straight stainless steel tube, straight tube is mainly used in food industry of dry evaporator.

(4) ∅ 5/8 "inside outside screw wing efficient copper tube, it is mainly used for air precooling industry dry evaporator.

2, shell raw material:

There are two of the major materials:

(1) # 20 seamless steel tube, mainly used for all kinds of load - more than 20 ℃ cold agent.

(2) 304/316 l stainless steel tube, it is mainly used for food and low temperature (below 25 ℃, higher than 40 ℃) of the refrigerant, 316 l can also be used for cooling load of the sulfate for industry.

3, interface:

(1) load cooling interface main type of flange, thread and clamp type, as shown in figure. According to the demand of users.

New promotion chiller with dry shell and tube evaporator

(2) the refrigerant interface are mainly brass brazing type, loose flange connection type and tenon surface flange connection type, etc. As shown in figure. Can meet the requirements of users and habits to the greatest extent.

New promotion chiller with dry shell and tube evaporator

(3) the upper shell put empty set, lower set drainage outlet. Nozzle temperature is set on the mouth. Also can according to user requirements including water flow switch interface, antifreeze switch interface. Temperature measurement are mainly female mouth mouth and various rules of blind brass like ∅ 5/16, "3/8", 1/2 "∅ ∅, ∅ 5/8" brass or stainless steel tube, etc.

WHB-5*2EKG Double Circuits 23.2 4.0 1180 170 90 1020 350 600 60 200
WHB-8*2EKG 37.2 6.5 1180 200 100 1010 200 800 60 200
WHB-10*2EKG 46.5 8.0 14200 200 100 1250 370 800 60 200
WHB-12*2EKG 56.0 9.6 1460 225 100 1290 250 1000 60 200
WHB-15*2EKG 70.0 12.0 1360 250 100 1190 200 1000 60 260
WHB-20*2EKG 93.0 16.0 1720 250 110 1540 300 1200 60 260
WHB-25*2EKG 116.0 20.0 2120 250 110 1940 500 1200 60 260
WHB-30*2EKG 140.0 24.0 2030 280 110 1850 500 1200 60 260
WHB-35*2EKG 163.0 28.0 2340 280 120 2150 500 1500 60 260


4, refrigerant gateway layout:

In and out of the refrigerant from the evaporator end, also can from both in and out of, convenient customer cloth tube.

5, refrigerant flow design.

Refrigerant can be designed into two processes, three processes and four processes. Can effectively guarantee the length of evaporation.

6, the length of the evaporator design.

Adjustments can be made according to the length of the condenser, evaporator length to ensure two configuration after the appearance is beautiful and satisfies the customer the installation space.

7, "U" type oil return pipe evaporator effect is good

The holes are gathering technology after make so the heat exchange efficiency is improved greatly. Under the condition of same refrigerating capacity, compared with the straight tube can greatly reduce the size of our evaporator, reduce the purchasing cost.

8, "U" type tube evaporator core body can be pulled out, convenient cleaning and maintenance.

9, the structure of the double "U" evaporator and the compressor straight tube can be symmetric arrangement

The advantages of convenient take over and appearance is beautiful, but the purchase cost increase.

In addition

The ordinary evaporator has rich experience in design and manufacture, for special evaporator, such as the food industry, industrial sulfuric acid, corrosion, acid and alkali resistance, salt tolerance) and low temperature series can also be designed and manufactured according to customer requirement. The normal operation of the above several evaporator were successful in all parts of the country.

Please pay special attention to customers:

1, biggest water flow and water flow is not greater than 1, otherwise it will affect the service life.

2, according to the annotation contributes presents installed correctly in and out of the gate, otherwise it will affect the effect and service life.



New promotion chiller with dry shell and tube evaporator
The shell side of the pressure design: normally design pressure is 1.0MPa, tube side design pressure is 1.5MPa. Heat pump tube side design pressure is 2.4 MPa. If you have special request, please contact technical department.


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Dry Horizontal Shell And Tube Condenser Stainless Steel For Water Cooled Unit


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