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Wuxi New Wuhuan: Two new products appeared on the scene of the Cold Expo!

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n addition to some classic corrosion-resistant heat exchanger series products, the Cold Expo site has introduced two new products, the full-liquid heat exchanger and the titanium shell-tube module heat exchanger developed by the boiler.


                                            1. Full liquid heat exchanger.

A) The evaporator is provided with a liquid-repellent plate, the refrigerant is evenly distributed, and the temperature field is optimized.
B) the water inside the pipe, the fluorine inside the pipe, to achieve small temperature difference heat transfer, greatly improve the evaporation temperature, thereby improving the operating efficiency of the unit.
C)The condenser adopts high-efficiency condensing tube to improve heat transfer performance. At the same time, the subcooler is designed to further cool the refrigerant and the cooling efficiency is higher, so that the power consumption of the compressor is reduced, the energy efficiency ratio of the unit is greatly improved, and the operating cost is saved. Users save on operating costs.


2. Titanium shell tube module unit heat exchanger developed by boiler

Our other new product is this, the titanium shell tube module unit heat exchanger developed with the national project coal to replace the aquaculture industry boiler, the advantages of this heat exchanger:
A.) Titanium tube has super anti-corrosion property; it is not easy to scale; the weight is light and the hardness is not easy to be rubbed by the fine sand of seawater and the problem of leakage of refrigerant is leaked.
B.) Both the titanium tube and the PP have no pollution to the water quality, and will not cause the seawater to deteriorate and allergies to death (the copper alloy will). This product cooperates with the host to automatically control the constant temperature to save the farmers a lot of labor costs and electricity costs. As long as we use this heat exchanger, the seafood we eat later will definitely be fresh, safe and cheap.


New Wuhuan main product is a series of corrosion-resistant heat exchangers. Its advantages and characteristics are that it can be customized according to different customer needs and requirements, with stable quality and fast delivery time. Many viewers at the scene expressed their approval and expressed their intention to cooperate.


Welcome to Wuxi New Wuhuan!!!





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