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Immersion Coil Type Tube Heat Exchanger Seamless Stainless Steel Material

  • China
  • WH
  • ISO9001:2008
  • WHB-DG
  • 1pc
  • Negotiation
  • Carton
  • 8 work days after receving the deposit
  • L/C, T/T, Western Union
  • 10000/ Month
Product Name: Coil Heat Exchanger Feature: Immersion To Use
Technique: Seamless Power(W): Depends
Voltage: 220V Weight: Depends

Water Heating Spiral, Heat Exchange Tube, Stainless Steel Coil Tubing Heat Exchanger


Based on your requirement , the specific parameter data you filled in the following table, we can offer you the optimal technical proposal for you!

Hot Side Cold side
Fluid   Fluid  
Inlet temperature   Inlet temperature  
Outlet temperature   Outlet temperature  
Volume flowrate   L/min Volume flowrate   L/min
Max.Pressure drop   Kpa Max.Pressure drop  



The coil heat exchange includes barrel, left and right seal heads sealing connected to the barrel, heating medium inlet and outlet, heated medium inlet and outlet, one short pipe shall be used between the left and right seal heads and the heating medium inlet and outlet, tube sheet shall be installed inside the short pipe, both ends of the coil shall respectively penetrate the tube sheet and firmly connected with the tube sheet. The thermal performance is better and with high heat transfer coefficient, which can reach 3000~5000W/m2℃;volume is small and land occupation is small, whichcan save half of civil construction cost; processing is easy and cost is low, which is about half price of that of corrugated tube heat exchanger; maintenance is easy, service time is long, the whole heat exchanger is without any quick-wear parts, leakage parts or joint, which is semi-permanent equipment.
Definition of coil heat exchanger
The coil adopt cantilever fixing structure, when the heat medium(saturated steam or high temperature water) flows through inner pipe, the coil will generate high speed back and forth movement, forcing the water around the heating exchanging pipe to produce disturbance, greatly increase the coefficient of heat transfer film a0, the flow resistance outside of the pipe 1/a0, the total heat transfer coefficient K is enhance.
Automatic descaling function
During equipment running, the coil is floating in high speed, the incrustation is not likely to deposit at the external wall of the pipes; the coil can generate stretching phenomena along with variation of temperature, the incrustation will automatically fall off (which can be drained out of the tank periodically), the traditional descaling process is not required, therefore, the heat exchanger can maintain the optimal state and operate for long time.
Accurate temperature control function
The equipment is allocated with high precision "intelligent temperature regulator", which can continuously and automatically detect the temperature of the outlet water, and control the steam (or high temperature water) volume getting inside the coil, even though the load is fluctuating, the temperature of outlet water can still remain the ±2range of the setting value.
In this case, the coil heat exchange is the good helper for our industry, which can not only increase heat transfer film coefficient, reduce fluid heat resistance outside of the pipe, increases the general heat transfer coefficient K, but also can automatically remove incrustation and precisely control the temperature. The coil heat exchanger is indispensible in our industry, which makes it the first choice in selection of heat exchangers.

Delivery of equipment on time

l skillful operation experience in import and export business

l Exact equipment delivery date will be assessed and confirmed by ERP system, which consists of the detailed evaluation of technology, productivity and quality.


l Provide customized service

l "customer first" is always our service objective

l we are eager to know your requirement

l quick and timely response


Packaging & Delivery :

* Plywood case
* High compressive strength
* High load-bearing performance


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2017 New industrial chemical immersion coil heat exchanger


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