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Seamless Spiral Coil Heat Exchanger For Electroplating Cold Water Machine

  • Zhejiang, China
  • WH
  • ISO9001:2008
  • WHC-DG
  • 1 PC
  • Negotiation
  • Carton
  • 8 work days after receving the deposit
  • Western Union
  • 10000/ Month
Product Name: Coil Heat Exchanger Warranty: 1 Year
Capacity: By Your Requirement Type: Coil Tube
Tube Size: Optional Materials: Titanium

WH Profile



Wuhuan Refrigeration is a manufacture integrated trading company which specializes in cooling plant, accessories development and production.

Now, there are many advanced sets of manufacturing equipment including NC machining, 600 type high precision lathe, high frequency welding, microcomputer electric tube expanding machine, microcomputer automatic pipe bending machine, gold thyratron argon welding machine control and more.

Our company mainly produced shell and tube evaporators, pure titanium evaporators (titanium gun and titanium barrel), stainless steel evaporators, corrosion-resistant evaporators, titanium tube heat exchanger, profiled titanium pipe and other refrigeration accessories products.


These products are widely used in electroplating cold water machine, laser cooling-water chiller, seafood machine, heat pump unit, ice machine, marine air conditioning for cooling and heating in certain fields of special industries.


In order to meet the needs of the vast number of users, we produce high quality products , do service for customers , establish sincere credit and constantly develop new products with high efficiency and energy saving. Our products are sold all over the world, and pure titanium evaporators and shell and tube evaporators have a good seller round the world,especially in Hong Kong, western countries and southeast Asia.


Evaporator Coil For Sale Tube Heat Exchangers Spiral Heat Exchanger Design



Wuhuan Brand Titanium pipe Heat Exchanger is produced carefully with superior Titanium pipe. Advantages: high resistance, quick cooling and good refrigeration. It is used to refrigerate seawater and fresh water as the best choice for refrigeration equipment.


Seamless Spiral Coil Heat Exchanger For Electroplating Cold Water Machine


Specs for the exchanger for range from 1 to 60hp. Please contact us with your drawings and samples for manufacturing.



Model Heat capacity Diameter Quantity Freon inlet/outlet External Dimensions
  kw d e a2 a1 A B C
WHC-1.0DG 2 ∅19.05 6.5 ∅12.7 ∅12.7 375 165 ∅150mm
∅16.0 ∅12.7 ∅12.7 375 165 ∅150mm
WHC-1.5DG 3 ∅19.05 8.5 ∅12.7 ∅12.7 375 240 ∅150mm
∅16.0 ∅12.7 ∅12.7 375 240 ∅150mm
WHC-2.0DG 4 ∅19.05 10.5 ∅12.7 ∅12.7 375 305 ∅150mm
∅16.0 ∅12.7 ∅12.7 375 305 ∅150mm
WHC-3.0DG 6 ∅19.05 13.5 ∅12.7 ∅19.05 375 475 ∅150mm
∅16.0 ∅12.7 ∅16.0 375 475 ∅150mm
WHC-5.0DG 10 ∅19.05 18.5 ∅12.7 ∅19.05 375 645 ∅150mm
∅16.0 ∅12.7 ∅16.0 375 645 ∅150mm

Application :

factory coil evaporator heating coil sizing stainless steel coil are widely used for mariculture ,seawater heat transfer,saline heat transfer, chemical industry,food Industry,Metallurgy,refrigeration,light industry,plating industry,aluminum oxidation tank,salt manufacturing ,paper making,ultrasonic,electrommunication and central heating etc.



  • The data list is our standard product, we can produce according to your requirements.
  • To guaranteen improvement of technology , technical parameters shall be improved without further notice.




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